Keep your bathroom tidy even with extra people in the house 


If you are hunkering down with family or friends during the quarantine, your bathroom may see more traffic than usual. Certainly, you want to keep it clean and tidy despite the rigor of extra people in the home, and you want it to be sanitized properly to keep everyone safe.

Keep your bathroom tidy even with extra people in the house:

Pick your Priorities 

It is important to prioritize your tasks so you can target your efforts in a messy home. If you have a houseful, make sanitizing the bathroom your first priority, to keep your loved ones safe from germs. Enlist others to participate by leaving cleaning supplies accessible and encouraging them to be used.

Get Back to Basics 

Not sure the best way to tackle a messy bathroom? Try to get back to basics and make daily tasks part of maintaining a tidy bathroom; this includes taking out the trash, sanitizing the toilet, sink, and tub, as well as giving the floor a quick sweep and damp-mop. Line your hamper and wash laundry often, to prevent fostering mildew or bacteria.

Stow Stuff in Storage Units 

Storage units are an excellent way to eliminate the clutter and items that take up much-needed space, particularly in your smaller, high-traffic areas. Perhaps you don’t want to get rid of these items yet or maybe extra people in the home is only temporary- a storage unit provides the ideal solution to clean up and clear out the home.

Use these tips to keep your bathroom tidy even when extra people are in the house. Make sanitization a priority and get back to basics to maintain a pristine bathroom. Utilize storage units and home solutions to keep clutter at a minimum and to make more space during extended time spent indoors.

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