How To Remove Air Bubbles From The Pipe?


You can try, in a few simple ways, to remove the air bubble from the pipe through the south west plumbing. A tip is to turn on the flush first, open all the faucets in the house, and finally, the showers. Always remember to turn off the showers; if the air comes out of one of them, it could burn you.

It is also essential to check that there are no leaks in the facility. If the problem persists, it is recommended to hire a professional who will have all the necessary equipment to solve this impediment or any other identified.

Installation Tips

Vent Tube

A vent pipe (column ventilation) is highly recommended in installations and prevents the formation of air bubbles in the piping. Vertical piping connected to the main outlet branch of the water tank allows the exhaust of air automatically, equalizes the internal pressures, and improves the final performance of the parts.


Ideal for one-story houses, townhouses, and penthouse apartments, some models have a pressurizer that increases pressure and provides a greater volume of water, both in the faucet and in the shower. The most common models are pressurizers with a flow switch and a pressure switch.

  • Flow switch – this model works by the flow of water in the hydraulic network. When any consumption point is opened, and water passes through the pressurizing pump, the flow switch detects its flow and gives a command for the pressurizing pump to start working.
  • Pressure switch – is responsible for detecting the water pressure in the hydraulic network. Therefore, every time it detects that the water pressure has decreased, it starts the pump. When the pressure stabilizes, he turns off the booster pump.

Pressure Reducer

For direct network connections for quality services, without a water tank, it is recommended to use a reducer due to pressure variations, which can damage the installation. Some commercial brands of electric showers and faucets already have an internal pressure reducer, which should only be used when the height of the water tank to the shower inlet is greater than 8 meters (8mca).

But beware: the reducer must not be used if the height is less than 8 meters, as this could result in impaired functioning of the device. Was this content helpful to you? To continue learning about this type of content, keep following our content here on the blog and take the opportunity to learn more about our products here.


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