How does a man’s age affect his ability to conceive?


More and more often modern people put their own motherhood and fatherhood on hold. This happens because they want to succeed in life, explore the world, learn a lot, and not fumble with diapers all their youth. It is an understandable desire.

No less understandable is the desire of mature, accomplished men to marry young, charming women who will be a real decoration of life, who will not let a mature partner get mossy and, of course, with whom it is possible to have children.

But if women all reproductive scientists strongly recommend not to delay too long and have children before the age of 35, then about men this information usually does not come. What does it mean? That a man can be a father at any age and it all depends on the woman?

Of course, this is not true. The quality of a man’s sperm, his potency and libido are no less important for normal conception than a woman’s health.

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Consequently, Myth #1: The number of sperm cells in men does not change with age.

Truth: the number of spermatogonia does not change with age in men – it’s the stem cell from which the sperm cell will later develop. And that’s where the problems start in adulthood – men’s spermatogonias simply don’t develop, and the sperm count steadily decreases. However, spermatozoa will not disappear at all, but their number will be very low. Although, there are brave men in history who had children even at a very old age.

Myth #2: Male libido does not diminish

Truth: This can only be believed by ladies who have never been so close to mature men. In fact, as we age, the amount of testosterone produced decreases, resulting in a weaker libido and a less pronounced erection. Thus, men become unable to have sex at all in old age.

Myth #3: A man’s sperm cells never have enough “vigor” to conceive.

Truth: No, that’s not true. In mature men, sperm cells don’t develop enough to have the same speed and kind of persistence. Therefore, they may simply not reach the egg. Also, as men age, their ejaculatory force weakens as well, making the sperm even less likely to succeed.

How can the stronger sex preserve its reproductive function?

Don’t think that there is no such thing as an intimate life after 40-50 years of age. There are many men who, even in their old age, continue to actively have sex. For example, the oldest man in the world who became a father was 94 years old at the time of conception!

Of course, not everyone wants to have children at this age, but the rich sex life itself is useful at any age, and old age – no exception.

There are a few rules that men need to follow to maintain their passion for women and their own reproductive function:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Quit smoking and minimize other bad habits.
  • Make sure that your diet is correct, don’t neglect fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not forget to have regular joint health checks with doctors (this reduces the risk of not immediately noticeable diseases and hidden inflammatory processes).
  • Take vitamins and, if necessary, immune stimulants.
  • Do not abuse hot baths or saunas – this reduces the quality of sperm up to temporary sterilization.
  • Do not wear tight underwear and pants because this harms sperm.
  • Have a regular sexual life (protected, of course).

All this will contribute to your vigor even in old age and you will be able to enjoy sex for the rest of your life.

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