How Cloud Hosting Improves Scalability of Your Website?


As a site owner, you can choose from a range of web hosting services like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. Each of these plans offers certain benefits to site owners. Before buying hosting in India, it is important to assess your site’s requirements, research hosting companies, and compare plans carefully. While a website requires a range of features from the hosting service, resource scalability is an important aspect.

Today, we will talk about resource scalability and discuss how Cloud Hosting improves your website’s scalability. This will help you compare plans and buy the best Cloud Hosting in India.

Need for scalability

In today’s times, most people look for products and services online. Hence, businesses have started making efforts to boost their digital presence. Also, search engines and social media platforms have the potential to send thousands of visitors to a website in no time. Hence, the new-age websites need to be prepared to manage sudden traffic spikes efficiently.

Also, as your business grows, you might increase the number of engagement points on your website. Hence, the server will receive more requests and need more resources.

What do websites need to be scalable?

A website requires resources like CPU, RAM, storage, etc., to be functional. Every time a user accesses your site, displaying the webpage requires these resources available with the webserver. Hence, if the site traffic increases, then the server needs more resources at its disposal to service the requests. While site owners can purchase additional resources to manage such spikes when they launch their sites, it is not a cost-efficient option. Hence, they need a web hosting service that can increase resources as needed.

Cloud Hosting and resource scalability

Cloud Hosting services include a shared web server backed by a powerful cloud storage network. Hence, web hosts offering Cloud Hosting can add resources to your hosting plan as per your needs within no time. Therefore, you don’t have to pre-purchase additional resources or compromise the on-site experience. When you opt for a Cloud Server in India, you can be assured that your site’s performance will not be impacted due to the dearth of resources. Apart from helping the scalability of your website, it also helps in making the hosting service cost-efficient since you only pay for the resources you use.

While some businesses need scalability more than others, if your site experiences a traffic spike due to any reason, having a hosting service that can add resources with a single click can help you turn the traffic into customers. Cloud Hosting is known to be highly effective for high traffic websites.

Summing Up

The business owners of the twenty-first century are aspirational and tend to play on the global level. Hence, having a website that is scalable is a basic requirement today. While you are busy trying to promote and market your business, you wouldn’t want to worry about having enough resources to service the requests. If you have decided to upgrade to Cloud Hosting, then ensure that you look for the best Cloud Hosting provider and look for features that suit your site’s specific requirements.

The following video will guide you regarding a few things to consider when moving to a Cloud Hosting setup:

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