Guide to Shopping For a New Rack Mount Amplifier


Rackmount amplifiers have been around for a long time. The fact that they are durable and efficient makes them a favorite. When someone is looking for new rack mount amplifiers, careful considerations must take place. Rack units can be costly, given the value for money. That means replacing a rack mount amplifier if not satisfied with the current selection is not an ideal situation. Before settling on a specific model, there are things that people should consider. Here are some of the guiding principles in buying a rack mount amplifier.


There are different sizes when it comes to rack mount amplifiers. Depending on a person’s mobility with the rack mount amp, size matters. There are rack mount amps that weigh as little as 9lbs, while others are super heavy. 


Quality is a broad aspect. There is build quality and sound quality when discussing rack mount amplifiers. The build quality is checking on the material that was used in building the rack mount amplifier. Is the material used durable? Those are some of the questions a person should ask themselves and the store guide. Rackmount amplifiers are sometimes used on the move, especially by people in the entertainment industry. The material should be strong enough to withstand the movement. No one would want their new rack mount amplifier being taken for repairs after a few weeks of use.

Secondly, it’s sound quality. People should check on variables such as power, the cooling system of the amp, and other particulars that a person may want. A rack mount amplifier will have a Bluetooth connection while another will not. Some have xlr and trs inputs, while others do not. The sound quality will vary mainly due to power. Whatever a person connects to the rack mount amps will also determine the quality. Quality is subjective, and one will have to give a test run to tell. However, no one should compromise on quality.


Pricing is and will always be a factor when looking for a rack mount amplifier. Everyone has a particular budget and would like to stay within those limits. There will always be a rack power amp within a person’s budget. This only applies if the budget is reasonable enough and not ready to compromise on quality.

The best option is usually to save enough to be within a reasonable budget so that choice is made within reasonable limits. Prices vary from as little as $200 to as high as $1500. The cheap ones might not be of the best quality, while the expensive ones might have cheaper alternatives offering the same quality. The suggested price range should be $400-$750. At this price range, a person will be able to get a good rack mount amplifier.

Personal Preferences

Personal preferences also apply when looking for a new rack mount amplifier. Brands and the different specialties in sound will influence a person’s decision in their purchase. As much as the above guides will be useful, one should settle with something they like.

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