First Aid for minor injuries in kids


Normally, children are very active and manage to do different activities at once. Sometimes they are not as careful with household tools as adults. Even training or practicing sports at school results in injuries. Therefore, it will be positive to know how to act when the situation occurs. Moreover, erste hilfe kurse corona will be in great demand of each parent to take into consideration.

Minor cuts and scrapes

The following step-by-step treatment instructions are applied by Erste Hilfe Kurs München and will help to deal with the health care issue. Problem number one is to stop bleeding immediately. In other cases, even minor cuts or scrapes will be similar to an emergency. 

  1. To stop bleeding apply pressure directly on the injury (for 7-10 minutes)
  2. Look for any harmful things in the wound, clean it with plain water.
  3. Take care of the wound by putting antibiotic ointment (you may find one in your first aid kit).
  4. Cover the injured place with an adhesive bandage. Don’t forget to replace it and clean the wound to reduce infection.

When to call for help

Managing the minor injuries can occur not as simple as it looks. Things may go worse, what’s more, you will be out of control over the urgent situation. These points should be taken into account. In that case, you have to perform immediately and call for a doctor:

  • The wound looks infected
  • It is leaking fluid
  • It seems to be red-colored
  • When touching the wound, it is hot
  • You observe the swelling around the injury
  • When touching, it is painful
  • Your child is rather stressed

Sometimes, children are very emotional and embarrassed about the situation. They may cry and scream, that’s why you have to do everything quickly and try to make comfortable conditions for them.

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