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The garden is an extension of your home. Bring it outside inside. Those are just two statements that typically belong to a garden room. More and more people enjoy their own space in their garden to relax and unwind. Eating and drinking with friends. This is an exciting book and a good glass of wine with the whole family or in the evening for two.

What is the difference between a garden room and a veranda?

Sometimes the difference is not very clear, but in general a veranda has a very open character and a garden room has many closed sides. That does not mean that it is very dark because in a garden room we often work with a lot of glass. The glass together with the wood gives it a lot of character. By varying the type of wood, connections, material and finish, we can give each project a unique character.

A luxury garden house, or a combined garden room and shed, is more than a structure in your garden. It is a broadening or deepening of your outdoor space. It allows you to fully enjoy your own nature or gives you the extra freedom of movement you so desperately need. In a garden house you learn to relax in your backyard and discover it as never before.

A garden room can be exactly what you need. It allows you and your guests to enjoy your garden sheltered, even during the seasons when the weather is less favorable to us. You can also use the garden room as an extension of your living space, for example by turning it into a hobby room or workshop. Furthermore, a garden room can serve aesthetically as storage space for your garden furniture and tools.

Have a luxury garden house built or build it yourself?

Of course you can choose to start building your garden house yourself. But if you really want to see a building erected in your garden that can withstand it for a few decades, it is wise to choose the specialist. You can even be the construction engineer while you hire the experts for the different sections of the construction. Hire the Bamboo Flooring London Company for the bamboo flooring job, wall and paint experts for the wall and paint job, and glass experts for all glass installations, while you piece the outdoor seats together with the center and side tables that you prefer. Make it as attractive as you
wish this time.

Quality difference between garden house construction companies

In the orientation phase you will notice that there are a large number of providers in the field of garden rooms. There is a world of difference in price and quality between all these providers. How do you know when you really get value for your money? Be convinced by the five promises. This way you always know that you are opting for primal quality that you will not find anywhere else. When choosing your supplier for your garden house, it is also good to read reviews. This gives you a good idea of ​​the service and quality of the garden houses based on the opinion of buyers who have gone before you.

Different models of luxury garden rooms

So many people, so many flavors

Garden rooms can be manufactured in many different styles. Think, for example, of beautiful oak garden rooms with a sloping roof or garden rooms made of black oiled wood with a flat roof. A lot is also possible in your specific situation.

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