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How Many of you like to the selfie of your phone? I am pretty sure that so many of you may not love the selfies that you are catching most of the time. We are taking the same selfie again and again until we are satisfied with our selfie. But for all of our pleasure there is an incredible marvelous app for you all who love to have beautiful selfies of yours. That is the FaceApp apk. It can be identified as a must have apk in your android device. The advantages providing by this apk is unbelievable. I got really surprised by looking at its performance on our images.

What is FaceApp APK?

FaceApp APK is a great apk which helps you to transform your image as you wish. It is an app that is based on Artificial Intelligence and FaceApp APK provide space for you to edit your selfie in a pleasant manner just using a single tap. This FaceApp APK can also be understood as a substitute or a replacement for the Photoshop. If you have this amazing apk in your android, I am sure that you will be able to have a desired look of yours within few seconds unlike in Photoshop edition.

One of the most attractive feature about this apk is that it is FREE. You can download this free app from Play Store and other alternatives app stores like AC Market and Aptoide for free. You can have an amazing experience on photo editing freely by using this FaceApp APK. So I would like to invite you all to download this apk from your Google Play Store or any other app store like AC market that you prefer.

What to do using FaceApp APK?

You can transform your image totally to a different look by using this FaceApp APK

  • You can change the impression of your selfie. That means if you want you can add a smile to your selfie. If not, you can make your face look angry.
  • If you want to look younger, then this is the best platform to edit your photo.
  • If you want to know how you, your friend or a family member looks like when growing, you can edit the photo using this FaceApp APK. There by you may be able to view how you looks at the old age. This is just very fun. Try it friends.
  • You can change your style by using this FaceApp APK.
  • You can add a make-up very easily.
  • Or else you can find the matching beard for your face and later you can have a beard cut that fits you. Very attractive feature. Isn’t it?

The other features that you can practice in here includes:

  • Adding a background to the image
  • Color filtering
  • Lens blurring

Some of the fun editing tools are also there. Like:

  • Swapping genders
  • Adding tattoos
  • Trying different aging filters
  • Morphing pictures

If you have this wonderful FaceApp APK in your android, you will find it not only as a photo transforming apk. But also as a fun providing Apk that offers you with so many editing filters that you may like to try on different ways on your image, on your friends’ image or an image of your family member. And also by using this apk you can choose the best styles that will lead you to look gorgeous.

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