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The world of tech is constantly changing, and new upgrades seemingly come faster that the need to upgrade does – there are plenty of exciting options out there in tech from the latest gaming upgrades for those looking to explore different titles at for more causal players or big AAA for others, or the latest tech for improving work and useability options too. It’s easy to get muddied with all of the jargon in tech and speech that often doesn’t make much sense, so when exploring the must-have tech upgrades, what should be kept in mind?

Check hardware and compare – This is most important for devices like smartphones, where a new upgrade made look all bells and whistles and like a great option but taking a look at the hardware can often times reveal something quite different. With newer upgrades coming so quickly, often the internals are very similar or the same, and the upgrades are found in different parts of the device – be sure to take a closer look at this, as many users have started to hold off on their yearly upgrade as changes often aren’t what they appear to be.

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Understand the device lifecycle ­– With the growing visibility of the right to repair movement and hopes to counter planned obsolescence, many users are becoming more tech savvy with the planned lifespan of new options too – white goods are often considered to be the worst culprits here, but there are still some good finds in tech with lifetime warranties or expect lifespans that may far exceed their own usage. It’s a vital part of exploring the “must-haves” in tech and can save a sizeable amount of money when understanding where some new tech is designed to only have a very short lifespan may be an important distinction too.

Use past releases as a guide for future upgrades – When deciding whether or not to upgrade, knowing when the next change is likely to come can help too – video game consoles for example tend to have a decade long life span and as such buying a new one is an investment rather than a short term purchase, other hardware may see an upgrade come every six to twelve months and won’t see as much usage – if it isn’t something that will have a huge impact, decide whether or not this short period of time is worth the wait, and reaping the benefits of later tech upgrades may be more worth it.

Many of us are conditioned to think in the world of tech that the latest is the greatest and the need to upgrade is immediate but looking a little deeper can surprise users with what they’re really getting – so don’t be afraid to look a little deeper before committing to the next tech upgrade.

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