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Home décor has become iconic to the vivid lifestyle. The enchanting view of the living room doesn’t complete without a well-painted wall. From natural arts to themed portrayals, from plain paints to the wall texture design – wall painting speaks volumes of the taste and personality of the veterans living in.  They also contextualize and portray contemporary fables like Indian folklore, warli craft, or the Vedic tales have gained momentum in the recent past. The iconic images of Indian history have now made their space on the artistic platter and so have the painting world conceptualized the same in the paints and wallpapers. While some choose the chic plain color themes designed in two color combinations for the living room. Some others go with a classy monochromatic look.

The vibrant shades have now been replaced with classy pastel shades. The soul of art is well depicted in soft colors and soothing minds. Natural or Neutral undertones give us the feel of a balanced shade but nevertheless, the classic look of warmer neutrals has its forte.

When decorating a blank wall, consider acrylic paintings that are more affordable and also come in different styles. Also, it has wide varieties like still life, nature painting, beach view, animal paintings, Vastu paintings, abstract art, and portrait paintings. So, you may ne’er find yourself with decisions after you decide that art is best for your home and switch empty cutthroat areas into a spirited and engaging perspective.Remember to match the theme of the interior, that painting should also create a focal point.Visit www.indianartzone.com to find wide collection of Indian Paintings online.

To review the color themes that are trending in the current markets have a gist of the consumers’ and retailers’ delight well depicted by the color experts.

Hazel Paint Shade: Evolving colors make the trend. This classy western shade suits both exterior and interior walls and simply looks graceful. Simple and yet graceful reminds of the English Novel shades where Duch and Duchess rode in chariots been pulled by the noble servants. It is for one with a royal taste.

Lilac Gray: Lilac tones are quite refreshing being subtle at the same time depicting warmth and love in their feel.

Soft Clay: The earthly colors with a natural touch can décor both the interior and exterior walls. The color of clay reminds us of Teraccota and a muddy feel which gets us deeply rooted in our mother earth.

Pewter: A perfect gray-beige shade is a neutral color with a vintage feel and enhances the living room with a blend of both western and contemporary shades.

Navy Blue: Dark yet versatile and sophisticated are perfectly suited adjectives for this choice of shade. With a velvety feel, this color looks even brighter.

Pastels: The good news comes from the color enthusiasts who recommend the pastel hues in blue, green, grey, and pink for the fresh feel. Be it in royale or a soft silky satin paint the pastels look brighter in all ways.

Soft Pink: The comfort of a bright shade of pink gives a soft and comfortable feel. While the neutrals are classy to the core this shade looks cooler and is the ultimate remembrance of passion.

Natural green: Natural shade that increases positivity is an all-time trend and everyone’s delight. Greener shades increase urbanity and make the home a place of solace.

Whites and Creams: The feel of milky white and satin cream like a vanilla ice-cream. The bright white is always snowful and cooler. Whites reflect the light and make the living space even more wide and well ventilated. This is a perfect blend of contemporary and classy amalgamation.

At some point, one always looks for the warmth of their home. The feel of embracing the smooth touch of the couch and staring at the walls is in itself meditative. Artistically depicting the contemporary tales of a bygone era and bringing them alive in today’s time is trendsetting. The platter of colors is huge so play with it and go with your feel whether contemporary or classy.

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