Benefits of seamless indoor sporting floor


Seamless Indoor sports flooring has become rampant for basketball and volleyball matches. These surfaces are made from a rubber-based mat and polyurethane coating, which is poured on-site, assuring a seamless finish. The modern innovation delivers benefits to owners and users of the facility that other surfaces, like polyvinyl and floors, cannot offer. 

Here are some of the rewards and advantages that seamless textures provide.

  • They are cost-effective

Seamless indoor floors have many benefits while being less costly. Wood, for instance, is double the cost of polyurethane surfaces. While PVC is less pricey, it’s highly prone to damage. Replacements and repeated repairs are pretty expensive.

  • Better impact absorption

Another feature of these seamless sports floors is that they contain good impact resistance. The surface includes a first layer made of a rubber shock pad that absorbs impact, reducing the chances of any harm.

It is especially needed for training sessions and strenuous matches when the athletes move up and down the court.

  • It is used for multi-purpose use

Seamless sports flooring are durable and can reduce impact, making them ideal for multi-purpose use. It means that you can use the surface for different sporting events. You will also use it for other occasions, such as functions, parties, dances, and examinations.

  • It is easy to maintain

Most seamless floors have a polyurethane coating finishing. Unlike typical concrete and wood, the floor is easier to clean and maintain. It is moisture resistant and can be cleaned using conventional methods, like mopping and wiping.

There are also flooring alternatives that have a microbial treatment. The feature reduces the likelihood of mold build-up, which is still a concern for PVC floors.

  • Reduces chances of accidents

All sports surfaces are not created equally. Wood and concrete, when maintained and installed poorly, can become dangerous and slippery to the players. Slippery surfaces reduce movement and may cause injuries and accidents, such as fractures and sprains.

High-quality seamless polyurethane and rubber-wear coat floors have a non-slip trait, meaning that the athletes will perform to their level best without the fear of getting hurt or falling.

  • Better resilience and durability

Seamless sports floors are manufactured, installed, and designed to withstand heavy continuous use for years to come.

Another feature is that seamless indoor sports floors guarantee stability. PVC systems can be dislodged over time and will require welding to repair. Some wood variants can get chipped. PU floors get rid of those problems. It constantly remains flexible and rigid during use.

  • It is better for the environment

The Deco flex seamless indoor sports floors are formaldehyde, halogen, and PVC. Each item has also been analyzed and tested thoroughly to ensure that they cause no harm to the environment.

Bottom line

If you are a volleyball lover, basketball, or any other indoor sport, you can consider a seamless sporting floor and enjoy playing the game. Spectators can also enjoy watching the game to under the sporting floor.

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