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Let’s dive into this topic immediately. You must be knowing the importance of the phone. We are living in a world where everything is happening on phones. To be honest, life would be very difficult with a smartphone. In this article, we see going to reveal some facts about a very effective device. If you are looking for a new phone. You are probably reading the right words. Have you heard about the Vivo Y12? Vivo is the best company ever to make phones. Y12 is one of the most prominent models of smartphones. This is a very multifunctional smartphone. It

It is very well designed when it comes to phones. The look of it is very significant. This model of Vivo is available in two colors. The one is aqua blue, and the other one is burgundy red. As the title suggests, the word “affordable.” This model of Vivo is quite affordable. This phone only costs 12,490 RS. The price if it is really rare and surprising. At a very reasonable price, it serves a lot of functions. The camera, if any phone is considered to be the most prominent part. Y12 is a triple camera.

So there is a selfie camera. And along with it, there are more cameras. The quality of the cameras is impressive. Along with that, it is very smooth to click pictures and make videos.

Specifics that you must know

The cute information about both phones is very important. Here we are going to reveal some of the important things about V12. The battery is the life of any phone. Moreover, this Vivo phone has a battery of 5000mAh. In simple words, the battery will have a good life. There is less probability of the phone getting dead as the battery is very efficient. Apart from this, the ram one wheel of a smartphone. The V12 Vivo comes with a good ram. The ram of Vivo V12 is 3GB. Moreover, this much ram is more than enough. Comparatively, it is better than the other phones. A smartphone is nothing with storage. The large storage is an asset.

It has a storage of 64GB. All this factor must be considered before buying a phone as it is an investment of money and time when it comes to design. A classy phone is an exception, which is completely justified. The size and shape of the phone are really essential details. Besides this, it is a dual sim card phone. So you can operate two different numbers on this phone.

Aesthetically designed

The external body of the phone must be attractive as this is a touch screen phone.

The screen of this magnificent phone is

6.35-inch. So it gives a unique look. It is available in two colors. Blue and red are eternal colors.

The front camera is 8MP. Moreover, the remaining two are 13MP+ 2MP. In short words, it is a complete package. This device definitely deserves a shot.

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