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Fan2Play is a head-to-Head Online Fantasy Game in which two participants select their teams and challenge one other, with the challenge and money going to the winner. You can either make your challenge or accept challenges created by other players in Fan2Play Game. The most unusual aspect of the Fan2Play Fantasy game is that you may build your squad with as little as two, three, or four players. 

There are no credit limits or player type restrictions; select the individuals you believe would perform well in a game and begin challenging others to earn money. GetMega is one of the finest platforms to play Fan2play fantasy games and earn real money. 

How to play fan2play.

When you play with Fan2Play, the game becomes even more enjoyable and straightforward. Simply pick a team of two, three, or four players from any forthcoming match, make your challenge, and set the challenge amount. If you accept an existing challenge, you must first equal the challenge sum before forming your team. You may edit your squad on Fan2Play until the start of a match and remove players, not the Starting team. Before the game begins on GetMega, you may make as many changes as you like.

The fan2play has two versions, the classic 11-player fantasy, and 1-1 challenge.

Classic 11-play fantasy.

In the classic version of the Fantasy fan2play game, you must choose the top 11 players who can be counted on to score points for your team through their batting, bowling, and fielding performances. You begin by selecting at least three batsmen, then three bowlers, a pair of all-rounders, and one or more wicket-keepers. 

Depending on the sort of teams participating and the playing conditions, you must change the combination. After you’ve decided on your starting lineup, the next step is to pick the perfect captain and vice-captain, who will accordingly offer you 2x and 1.5x points.

1-1 challenge

Challenge 1 versus 1 (Head-to-Head) Fantasy is a game in which two users form teams and compete against one another, where one user wins the challenge and the prize money. You may put together a team with as little as two, three, or four players. There are no credit limits or player type restrictions; simply select the players you believe will perform well in a game and name one of them the captain, who will earn you 2x points, and begin challenging others for money.

How to create your challenge in 1-1 challenge?

After you log in to your fan2play on GetMega, follow these steps to create a challenge.

  1. To begin creating a challenge, click the ‘Create’ icon in the bottom panel.
  2. Go to the Create Challenge page and click the plus (+)’ sign to begin picking your participants.
  3. Select any of the future matchups from the top panel. You may now make a team of two, three, or four players. A minimum of one member from each side is required for 2 and 3 player teams. You must select two players from each squad for a four-player team.
  4. Choose the amount for which you wish to set the challenge.
  5. You may make your challenge either public or private. Public means that anybody who is logged into the Fan2Play app can accept it. Private means you Play with friends, family, or acquaintances in a private setting. You’ll have to send them an email invitation.


Fan2play has two versions of games, the classic 11-player fantasy, and 1-1 challenge. In both games, the players are entitled to take the role of selector just like any other game. The players cannot predict the game’s outcome; hence the game is based on skills and not chances and probabilities.

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