7 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Sourcing To A Local Agent


You are an importer, and you need ample time to do business with the other firms abroad? If you ask me whether you need a sourcing agent, then my answer is quite direct. Yes, sourcing services from China, for instance, are crucial for the success of your business. Let me break this down for you by explaining why you need to outsource sourcing from a local agent.


  • Procuring Agents Understand The Dynamics Of The Markets In China


The local agents know the nitty-gritty of their country. They know the production bases, understand the market, and are quite familiar with the sales. These people can locate the origin of the goods you want faster and at very friendly costs. This will save you not only precious time but also costs as well.


  • The Sourcing Agents Handle Multiple Orders At A Go As Well As Updating On The Order Status In Time


There is no time difference between the supplier and the sourcing agents in China. Therefore, it is convenient and faster for the supplier to keep in touch with the Agent should any production issue arise. This, in turn, saves on time as you are kept updated on the production process and of any problems. Your order status is also communicated in advance as the local Agent keeps in touch with multiple suppliers on your behalf. This way, you can save on time handling multiple commodities as the local agents keep the process swift and convenient for you.


  • With The Sourcing Agents, You Get Detailed Information about The Supplier, and You Can Manage the Risks!


You can either source for suppliers online (Alibaba) or through trade fairs such as the Canton fair in China. Therefore, it becomes tedious and daunting when you want to inquire about the quality of the goods, the delivery time frame, the company size, etc. The work is quite hectic on the foreigners, and most buyers can’t afford it independently. With the local sourcing agents’ aid, all your queries are taken care of, and efficiency is also guaranteed.


  • The Local Outsourcing Agent Could Be Your Tour Guide!


The local agents are accustomed to the local conditions and customs; hence, it is even easier for you to use them as your tour guides. They can help book you a good restaurant, give you insights on what to expect during your travel and keep you abreast of the area’s rules and customs.

Having a local agent means traveling in the peace of mind. They can get you the best and exciting places within minutes, if not seconds. They can also recommend that lovely spa in case you need one!


  • Adequate Supervision Of The Quality Of The Goods Is Guaranteed


Like I have mentioned above, there is no time difference between the Agent and the supplier. Therefore, it works to your advantage that the local sourcing agent can always supervise the production process and ensure the goods’ quality is met. The Agent provides that the materials used, the quantity applied, and the producer’s scale are as per the standards. The Agent will be your eye or even watchdog to see that everything is as per the standards. He will also inspect the raw materials and ascertain the quality before the processing begins.


  • Better Communication And Good Understanding Between The Supplier And The Agent


The supplier and the local Agent are located in a similar environment, and there are no cultural diversities between them whatsoever. Also, there are some ways that we communicate that any foreigner can’t understand. This also applies here as the Agent and the supplier get to understand each other better. Your requirements are therefore communicated well and most effectively. No language barrier, no cultural difference, and you get what you want the way you want it since the Agent understood you and communicated your requirements correctly and effectively. 


  • With The Agent, You Get Regular Updates Of The Order At All Times


As a foreign buyer, you need someone to continually check the production process at every stage and keep you updated on the same. There is a lot that happens during the production stages, and in case of any problems, you need the reassurance that everything is alright, and if the problem can’t be solved, what next? The local Agent keeps in touch and provides feedback on crucial information like the quality, the delivery period, any likely changes and impacts, etc.

You don’t want to source for a supplier and end up receiving defective goods or even low-quality goods right? It would be best to find a local outsourcing agent to help you with the process and ensure that you get the correct goods at the right time and the right quality. 


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